Why And How You Should Do A Spring Clean Out

By the time spring rolls around, Australian households are full to the brim with knick-knacks, accumulated clutter, and evidently indoor plants. Australians have purchased more indoor plants than ever over the course of 2020/2021. Feeling the stress yet? It’s probably time for a spring clean.

It is a good idea to do a spring clean out at least once a year to avoid seasonal allergies, remove mould and declutter your house. This is beneficial for your mental health, as well as physical, improving the air quality in the home. An organised space decreases stress and raises attention spans.

To help you out, we’re going to answer some common questions about spring cleaning.

How is spring cleaning a good activity?

Spring cleaning refers to decluttering and cleaning your house from top to bottom, getting all the dirt that you miss in a typical house clean. It is the relief that comes with cleanliness that makes a spring clean good for you.

Research has found that women who describe their homes as cluttered and unclean have a higher level of cortisol in their blood. This is compared to other women who describe their homes as clean and organised. Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone and can cause high blood pressure and anxiety. This means the difference between cluttered and uncluttered homes can majorly impact stress and anxiety levels.

Why you should do a spring clean this year

If you’re surprised by these results, maybe you have been underestimating the effect the state of your home has on your mental health. Maybe you haven’t been taking care of your own space as well as you should be. A clean living space reduces stress levels and encourages better emotional regulation. It can help bring you out of your work stress when you come home to a clean area. A spring clean is your chance to clean every last corner in your house ready for the better weather. You can even hire a skip bin and use it to throw away lots of items that can go in a skip bin, decluttering majorly. It can relieve you of stress during the sweaty months, where all you’ll have to worry about is keeping yourself as clean as your house.

Another benefit you’ll find from a deep clean during spring is dodging annoying seasonal allergies. Given the house plant trend that we mentioned earlier, this seems like an even bigger bonus that you wouldn’t expect! A deep clean will freshen the air in your house.

Just a quick idea of how fresh your house air can get — there are more than 2 billion indoor plants out there currently. So, a spring clean could be your quick solution to avoiding a stuffed nose and scratchy throat for three months.

What does spring cleaning involve?

A good spring clean involves getting in the parts of your home that you don’t usually get to on a normal day. This includes dusting every surface of your home, even the ceiling. Also cleaning every part of each appliance in your home, pulling things out of cupboards and drawers to clean every nook and cranny.

We all know most people don’t do that too regularly, which can cause mould to infest your home and dust pollutes the air. It also requires tidying up the objects you’ve left lying around your house that can be cleaned and put in place.

This is the time to deal with the built-up grime and soot that you don’t notice until you force yourself to face it.

A spring clean also includes decluttering your home. It’s always a good idea to look at skip bins for hire. This allows you to chuck out unnecessary clutter from throughout the house in a good way. You can also hire a green waste skip bin to give your garden a nice clean-up ready for summer.

What is the best way to spring clean?

First make sure to gather all your cleaning tools and products such as dustpans, gloves, bucket, mop, vacuum cleaner, and sponges. Then you can check out our checklist below to cover all the rooms and surfaces in your spring clean!

1. Start from the top by dusting your ceiling.

You can use a long duster with a microfiber cloth, instead of going up and down a ladder. You can use this tip to clean a ceiling fan as well.

2. Clean all of the walls in your house.

Either with a duster, or you can go the extra mile and commit to scrubbing the walls. You can do this with a natural sea sponge, warm water mixed with two tablespoons of liquid dish soap, and a clean white towel. This process is safe for painted walls but be careful with the pressure when scrubbing.

3. Don’t forget to clean the windows.

Getting all the dust off of your windowsills is an essential part of spring cleaning. Remove the dust and excess dirt first. Then scrub the surface with two cups of water mixed with half a cup of vinegar, and another half of rubbing alcohol. Next, you can vacuum the curtains and blinds.

Does spring cleaning include furniture?

4. Dust the furniture and scrub appliances.

It might be considered one of the worst parts of spring cleaning, but you should dust all interior surfaces and scrub the kitchen appliances. Remember to use a microfiber cloth on wooden surfaces and only use cleaning products appropriate for each material. If you’re not sure, start with a gentler product and get to stronger chemicals if you see fit. You also need to clean your couches and other furniture in the house!

5. Organize drawers and shelves while cleaning.

Taking those books off of your living room shelves that have been sitting for ages and dusting them is a “must” for this project. But organizing the items you’re putting back is also crucial. Take this opportunity to declutter and donate items in your home you are no longer using. You should do this cleaning as you go to reduce the cleaning time and so you don’t have to revisit it later on.

6. Scrub shower and bathtub.

We hope you deep clean your bathroom more frequently than you do a spring clean. But, even so, the shower and bathtub need to be included on this list. Make sure to get to the corners and areas of your bathroom that might be getting grimy. This helps reduce mould production and bacteria growth in your bathroom.

7. Take the spring clean outside.

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to stop inside the home. If you have a disorganized garage or a dirty outside area that needs taking care of too. Ask yourself if it’s finally time for a garage sale to get rid of those items you forgot about that you don’t use, ever. Then take just 10 minutes to hose or throw some water on your house porch or deck. You can also clean your garden and organise yard waste. Give your home exterior a little spruce up to finish the cleanly look for spring.

Congratulations! you’ve made it to the end of your spring cleanout list. Hopefully, it was a piece of cake.

How long should it take to do a spring clean?

Many people can get their spring cleaning done in a few days, but you’re taking the realistic approach. It might take one week or even longer to get everything in order. It doesn’t have to take that long if you dedicate a good portion of your day to the tasks detailed above, and if you learn how to prioritize. But don’t feel pressured to clean everything in 24 hours.

To make sure that you won’t abandon ship midway through, keep our list written somewhere and turn back to it in times of doubt. Start with baby steps and chuck on some music. Make it as fun as possible. That is the only way to not sweat over deep cleaning.

Everyone has to do it one day, the sooner you start, the sooner it gets done. Imagine how great you are going to feel with fresh air and a new clean home!

Need some more help with your spring cleaning? We have the answers to help you get your family to clean up after themselves. We also have the quickest methods to clean clutter. Find lots more cleaning and waste advice in our Capital Hire blog!