What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

Skips are a vital part of waste removal and construction that almost every renovation or rebuilding project will need. Whether you’re clearing out your old shed or re-doing your bathroom, finding the right sized skip can sometimes be a tricky task.

The size of the skip bin you need depends on what project you are using it for.  Skips range from 2m3 to around 30m3 in sizing. Larger projects like construction sites will naturally need the larger skips, whilst smaller tasks such as shed clear-outs require smaller skips that are around 4m3 or 6m3.

Because of the variety of sizes, it’s good to evaluate what project you’re hiring a bin for. And then the number of things you are going to be throwing out.

What size skip do I need for a house clearance?

For a complete house clearance, a 5m3 or 10m3 skip is usually an appropriate size. Do need to consider the size of your home because a large home might require a bigger bin. If you are just removing some old belongings or focusing on only a few areas, a 4m3 skip will work.

Entire home clearances evidently involve a lot of junk as we collect heaps of rubbish in our dwellings over the years. So, getting the right skip is a must and you’d rather overestimate than underestimate the size you need. This is especially the case if you’re removing old furniture or need to completely get rid of everything before you sell your home. For the most part, the 5-10m3 skips should do the trick.

What size skip do I need for a bathroom?

For a bathroom renovation, the most commonly used 4m3 and 2m3 skips should do the trick. These sizes are ideal for removing large bathroom objects like toilets or showers and they can hold around 4 tonnes of waste.

4m3 skips usually have a height of 1.4m, length of 2.4m, and width of 1.5m. In contrast, 2m3 skips are usually around 1.5m high, 1.8m long, and 1m wide. These sizes are almost perfect for fitting in your front yard or driveway. This is to create ease of access for your waste needs. Just be sure to measure the space you plan on putting the skip before ordering it. The skip bin measurements will vary slightly depending on the skip bin company you use, so always check the measurements on their page. For example, Capital Hire’s skip bins for hire can be ordered in 4m3, 6m3, 8m3, and 10m3.

If your bathroom is particularly large and you have a lot to put in the skip, you may need something bigger. But, generally, between 4 or 2 metres cubed will work.

What size skip bin do I need for renovation?

What size skip do I need for garden waste?

Skips for clearing out your garden are essential because amounts of soil, leaves, branches, grass, garden furniture, and fencing really build up. If you simply plan on clearing out your shed, then a small skip should do such as a 3m 3 . But, if you plan to renovate your entire garden and it’s quite large, then a 6m3 skip might be better.

If you’re renovating your garden or have a large yard and doing a massive clean-up, a 6m3 skip bin is a good size. Skips are great for clearing out your garden because of the soil, branches, grass, garden furniture and fencing that you could have to throw out. It saves you from having to do multiple trips yourself. And you can even hire a green waste skip bin specifically for your garden waste.

What size skip do I need for a kitchen rebuild?

An average-sized kitchen rebuild could be completed with a 4m3 skip bin; bigger kitchens might need a 6m3 skip. The size of the skip will again depend on your kitchen and what you are getting rid of. Dining tables, tiles and dishwashers are a few items that you will want enough space for in the skip bin.

If you’re unsure, you could speak to a local skip dealer about what exactly you intend to put in it and get their advice.

What size skip do I need for a shed clear out?

Shed clear-outs usually require the smallest skips such as 1.5m3, 3m3, or 4m3 skip bins. 1.5m3 skips usually hold around 25 bin bags of rubbish. This size is very convenient for placing on your land because it doesn’t take up much room but still provides enough capacity for low-volume waste.

If your shed is big or you’re actually knocking the shed itself down, a 4-6m3 skip bin will be better. There is a huge variety of items that can be collected in your garage that you want to throw away. Make sure you know what can go in a skip bin and make sure you hire the best type for you!

What size skip do builders use?

Builders generally opt for a range of different skips depending on what kind of job they are doing. Their work usually requires anything from a 4m3 skip to a 6m3 skip if they are working independently on small residential projects.

4m3 skips hold around 40 bin bags, and 6m3 skips hold around 60 bin bags but can also have heavier materials like concrete and rubble. If builders are working on large public commercial projects such as clearing an office building, 10m3 skips are necessary.

Some councils don’t allow 10m3 skips to be placed on the roads as they are too big. So, always check with your local council before you decide which skip to use. Also, ensure that there is enough room on your land for the skip should you not be allowed to place it on the road. 

What size skip bin should I hire?

What size skip is best for construction waste?

The size of skip needed to reduce construction waste depends on how heavy the construction work actually is. If the project is commercial and large such as demolition, then extra-large skips are needed.

For instance, construction workers can use roll-on/roll-off skips which can be moved onto wagons using hooks for easier transport. But, these are not available for domestic use as they are too large. These skips are usually 30m3 which is the biggest size available. They can hold around 440 bin bags worth of rubbish and are over 6m long. So, they’re way too big for domestic projects and are more suited to industrial construction waste. For general house construction waste, a 10m3 could do the trick.

Whatever your project, there’s a skip out there to suit your need. You could be clearing out the attic, demolishing a garage, or revamping your garden. Skip bins will provide you with easy waste storage and make your life a whole lot easier by saving hundreds of trips to the tip!

Are you hiring a skip bin for your renovation rubbish? Have you learnt about ways to renovate sustainably? We can give you tips on reducing renovation waste while keeping your quality build. Check out our Capital Hire green and general waste skip bins for your renovation needs!