What Can I Put In A General Skip Bin?

Skip Bins are a cost-effective and convenient way to get rid of excess household rubbish. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the middle of a home renovation project, a spring clean or landscaping the garden. A skip bin will save you time and money. But what can you actually put in a general skip bin?

Most household items can be put in a skip bin, alongside garden and renovation waste. Furniture, toys, clothing and general waste can be put in a regular skip bin. It’s important though to not put any hazardous materials in skip bins. This includes toxic chemicals, medical waste, explosives and more.

Below we’ll take you through the ins and outs of the dos and don’ts of general skip bin waste.


While you can’t put absolutely everything in a skip bin, most of the items found around your home can go in it. Both recyclable and non-recyclable materials can be put in a skip bin because professional skip bin providers are sure to correctly dispose of the waste. This does make your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning up your home!

A general list of items that can go into your skip bin includes:

  • Clothes, toys, newspapers, books and magazines.
  • Kitchenware and white goods (fridges and washing machines, etc.)
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • TVs, DVD players, game consoles, computers and accessories.
  • Carpet, furniture and cardboard boxes.
  • Non-electrical fittings.
  • Garden waste (soil, leaves, grass, branches and twigs, etc.)
  • Renovation waste (bricks, tiles, concrete, dirt, metal and steel).

You can’t put materials that are harmful or hazardous to the environment in your general skip bin. This is because of the toxic nature that can put yourself, skip bin company members and the environment at risk. If you’re looking to dispose of these kinds of items, you will need to request a company that specialises in handling them. There will also be different restrictions at different places with skip bins for hire.

Hire a general waste skip bin

Below is a list of the items prohibited in skip bins:

  • Asbestos
  • Food waste
  • Batteries (car and household)
  • Gas bottles
  • Paint
  • Oil heaters
  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Insulation of any kind
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Explosives
  • Solvents
  • Petrik and oil
  • Poisons
  • Medical waste
  • Car tyre

There will also be restrictions by the skip bin company that you will need to follow. For example, you won’t be able to fill skips above their top. Or, at Capital Hire, our skip bins can’t be filled enough to weigh more than 4 tonnes.


It’s possible to mix a wide range of waste in a skip though there are items that shouldn’t be in a skip because of their toxic nature or items which need to be disposed of at specific locations for recycling. It’s ok if you mix waste from the garden like leaves, grass, shrubs, twigs, wood, plastics, hardcore materials, and household rubbish in a skip like carpets, furniture waste, tiles, cardboard. Though specific waste can be mixed in a skip, likewise materials aren’t eco-friendly and cannot be put in a skip. If you have such waste, follow the rules and regulations governing waste hazardous waste disposal in your locality.  

You can mix a wide range of waste in a skip bin, which is a great reason to hire a general skip. Waste from the garden and household rubbish can be mixed in a general skip bin. You can throw a collection of leaves, shrubs, grass, plastics, furniture, tiles and general waste in together. You will need to check the specific restrictions of each hiring company. But, for the most part, general skip bins can mix most things as long as they aren’t hazardous.


Bricks often can be taken by skip bin companies, but not always can they be put in a general waste skip bin. Some companies offer options like builders/renovation bins. If this isn’t the case, it’s good to check with the company whether they have restrictions on bricks in their bins or not. Capital Hire accepts bricks in our general waste skip bins.

One thing to consider is the weight of the bricks. Most general skips will have a weight limit for safety and the truck’s ability to actually lift the bin. For example, at Capital Hire, our weight limit for general skip bins is 4 tonnes. So, while we accept bricks in our skip bins, you will need to be careful of the weight.


Soil that hasn’t been contaminated with hazardous chemicals can be put in a general skip bin. Most of the skip bin contents are taken to landfills which means that soil is fine to be taken away. But the goal is to avoid dumping hazardous substances in the landfill to work towards protecting the surrounding environment. There are soil tests that can be conducted before taking away soil which determines if it is clean enough to be reused somewhere else. It’s a great way to dispose of your unwanted dirt while creatively recycling soil.

One thing to remember is that while soil can be discarded in a general waste skip bin, it can’t always be chucked in a green waste skip. This is because it isn’t considered green waste and will be disposed of differently.


Garden waste can definitely be put in a skip bin. There are actually green waste skip bins that are designed specifically for this kind of waste. But you can chuck your garden waste in a general skip bin too. This can include soil, leaves, grass, branches, twigs and more. You can definitely put tree branches in a skip. But make sure that you have the right skip bin. Often green waste skip bins won’t take soil because it is not green waste. So, be sure that you are only putting soil in your general skip bin.

Before you chuck it away though, consider ways to recycle and reuse garden waste. That being said, being able to put your garden waste in a general skip bin is a great option! It means you can save money by not having to hire another company to take it away or make the trip yourself.


Can you put bricks in a general waste skip bin?

At Capital Hire, you can put a mattress in a skip bin. There will be an extra cost of $80 per mattress, but it takes it off your hands and ensures it is correctly disposed of. The restrictions around mattresses in skip bins can vary between companies. This is partly because mattresses aren’t eco-friendly, but they can be recycled. Taking them to a recycling centre or donating them is a great option when you are wanting to get rid of your old or spare mattresses. But you can definitely request that they be taken away by a skip bin company if you wish.


Skip bins are a good option to dispose of your old clothes. Most clothes are recyclable and can be reused in some way which is why people don’t like just throwing them out. The difference with professional skip bin companies is that we can sort them out and organise to have them sent somewhere to be recycled. That being said though, it is always good to consider donating your clothes to a recycling centre or to the op shop. You can even offer old clothes online in Facebook groups.


You can put glass in a skip bin! Glass bottles and jars are accepted in general waste skip bins. It is actually a safer place to pile these items because they often break. But it is always recommended to put broken glass in a cardboard box or something similar before chucking it in a skip, for the safety of the skip bin employees.

Looking to hire a skip bin near you? Check out our range of Canberra general and green waste skip bins at Capital Hire. If you have more questions about what can be put in skip bins, we’re always happy to help out! In the meantime, read all about why and how you should do a spring cleanout.