Canberra Skip Bin Hire

Problem: Too much rubbish

Answer: Hire a skip bin

If you don’t have the means or the time to transport your rubbish to the tip, a skip bin is the answer. We deliver to your door and take it away when you’re done. Easy!

Our skip bins are perfect for:

  • Home Renovations
  • Earthworks
  • Garden Redesign
  • Commercial Construction Projects

Choose from 1 day, 3 day or 7 day hire. View our Canberra skip bin hire price table below or contact us with any queries.

canberra skip bin hire

General Mixed Waste Canberra

  1 Day Hire 3 Day Hire 7 Day Hire Included Weight Allowance
4m³ $260 $290 $310 600 kgs
6m³ $360 $390 $410 900 kgs
8m³ $460 $490 $510 1200 kgs
10m³ $560 $590 $610 1500 kgs


Extra Charges apply if overloaded:

  • DO NOT fill skips above the top
  • DO NOT fill skips with more than 4 tonne of waste.
  • All bins have a 4 tonne weight limit (the truck is physically unable to pick up bins that exceed 4 tonne). If you have heavy materials, talk to the truck driver for guidance.
  • Where waste exceeds the included weight allowance, the charge is $172 per tonne (total bin weight can not exceed 4 tonne).
  • Mattresses will incur extra cost of $80 Per Mattress
  • Tyres will incur extra cost of $25 per tyre.
  • Price includes a single tip run. Additional service fees apply for extra tip runs.
  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: Asbestos, Oils/Paints/ Chemicals

Green Waste Skip Hire Canberra

1 Day Hire 3 Day Hire 7 Day Hire
4m³ $280 $290 $300
6m³ $330 $350 $370
8m³ $350 $365 $385
10m³ $450 $490 $510

It's Never Been Easier To Hire A Skip Bin In Canberra

Our skip bin hire prices are unbeatable. Delivering to all areas of Canberra including Murrumbateman, Nanima, Springrange and Belconnen.