How Do You Keep Your House Clean In The Summer?

Ah, summer – a time for swimming, lounging by the pool and fresh mangoes. That, and of course, the sweat, bugs, and long, scorching days. Motivating yourself to keep your house clean during these months can be an ordeal. So, how do you do it?

To keep your house clean and self motivated to clean in summer, it’s important to not overheat yourself and have lots of fresh air. Try to clean in the cooler hours of the day. Habit stacking is a great way to get your cleaning done while listening to motivating audios. Rewards are great motivators.

Finding motivation, especially in hot weather, is difficult. But we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you out! Keep reading.

Motivation is key to keeping a clean house in summer

First and foremost, you’ll want to feel motivated to get through that to-do list. In the summertime, keeping yourself comfortable will make a noticeable difference. Wear loose, breathable clothing, get any stray hairs off your face, stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks, especially on the hotter-than-normal days.

The best motivation for any task, especially cleaning in hot weather, is to set up a reward for yourself. Plan for a dip in a pool or sea, an afternoon of bingeing Netflix, or a tasty treat after you complete your cleaning. By having a reward waiting for you, you are more likely to stay motivated to get your tasks done. But the key is keeping plenty of self-discipline about yourself. Do not give yourself the reward unless you actually complete a task.

You can organise a to-do list the night before which helps your brain start planning for the following day. This will boost your motivation when you get up because you already know what needs to be done and what reward is waiting for you.

Habit stacking is also a great motivator. This involves combining a chore with a task that you enjoy. For example, the chore might be cleaning the kitchen, the thing you enjoy could be a podcast or audiobook. By putting audio on while cleaning, you are keeping your mind busy and active, distracting you from the chore, but not enough that you don’t do it properly. This boosts motivation and allows you to learn while cleaning!

The key is to find what habit stacking method and rewards work best for you. Make yourself as comfortable as possible and have fun while cleaning. You could even encourage all hands to be on deck by getting your family to clean too!

Thin out all your unneeded things

It goes without saying that the home becomes easier to clean when there are fewer things inside it. So, put a day aside, and sort through your mountains of belongings. Sort them between keep, donate, and throw. If you happen to run out of space in your wheelie bin, hiring a larger skip bin comes in incredibly handy.

Tips to keeping the house clean during summer

Pro-tip: You can take this as a chance to get rid of your garden waste, too. Do any of those trees need trimming?

The best part of getting your family involved with summer cleaning is that you can clean out your house clutter. The house becomes easier to clean when there are fewer things inside it. So, put a day or so aside to sort through all of your household belongings. Get your kids or housemates involved. Go through your personal and communal items to remove all unnecessary clutter. By doing a big clean out like this, your house will feel more spacious, which is just what you want when the weather is scorching.

You can decide to donate or throw away the items you no longer need or want. This is a great time to consider hiring a skip bin. This will save you doing multiple trips to dispose of unwanted items. Plus, you could even tackle a yard clean. You can hire green waste skip bins which will allow you to properly throw away your green waste, leaving you with a tidy summer garden.

Keep overheating at bay when cleaning

The biggest unmotivating factor of summer is the heat. It can be dry or sticky, clinging to your body and increasing your tiredness. You won’t feel motivated to clean anything if you’re overheated. So, how do you solve this?

Try to clean on the cooler days or in the cooler hours of the day. Early morning or late evening are typically the coolest points of a summer day. Avoid any strenuous cleaning during the hottest hours (midday to early evening).

Stay hydrated with refrigerated water or make yourself some iced tea as a treat. Electrolyte-rich drinks such as coconut water or Gatorade will give your body the boost it needs in summer. Hydration is one of the biggest ways to manage your temperature in summer. By regulating this and staying as cool as possible, you will maintain enough motivation to get some summer cleaning done.

The other very effective way of keeping cool is by turning on fans and air conditioners.

Organise air conditioner and fan maintenance

To keep yourself cool and motivated to clean in summer, you should do a maintenance check on your fans and air conditioner. This is more of a preparation step in the lead-up to summer. Give your fans a wipe-down to get rid of dust that has settled on the blades. Check that your air conditioner filters and exterior are clean. See if they are working properly before summer starts.

The last thing you want is to have a list of cleaning tasks to do in the middle of summer and no way to cool the air inside the house. Think of how relieving cool air will feel when stepping back inside during summer. Think of how refreshing it will be when cleaning in summer weather. You will accomplish so much more if you have a fan or air conditioner to move around the stuffy summer air.

Fresh scents help motivate summer cleaning

Fresh scents make your house feel clean in summer

No matter how clean your home is to the eye, a musty, stale or just plain yucky scent can still give the impression that the place isn’t clean. Open the windows and sliding doors, turn on those ceiling fans and don’t be afraid to spray a refreshing scent around the home. Fresh scents are always motivating, especially when you’ve just finished a big cleaning session.

To keep the air in your house fresh throughout summer, empty bins when they start to become full and clean the insides. Open up your windows in the cooler day hours to get some proper fresh air. This will get rid of leftover cooking smells and other smells that came about throughout the day.

This is why cleaning during cooler hours is also recommended. You will be much more motivated when breathing in fresh air!

Don’t forget the fridge and freezer for summer cleaning

Who knows what’s hiding at the back of your fridge and freezer? Chances are, there’s a couple of things that are well past the use-by date, and you certainly wouldn’t like to serve up for dinner.

Open up the fridge and freezer and figure out what you can do with the food inside. You might have to throw away out of date meals. Clean the shelves and drawers to make them fresh again. Soak up the cool air from the refrigerated space. This is sure to be refreshing while you clean! Plus, you will feel a lot more organised with your food and meal prepping.

Tackling creepy crawlies in the summertime

Summertime comes accompanied by armies of creepy crawlies, which is why it’s important to be prepared for them when cleaning. Early preparation will save time in the summer and stop you from feeling like you have a dirty house because there is creepy crawlies around.

If there’s one thing bugs love, it’s clutter – so keeping this to a minimum is essential if you want to keep them at bay. They love to take refuge in piles of paper, boxes, toys or clothing, especially if they go untouched for extended periods of time.

Additionally, avoid leaving food out as this attracts ants, especially if you live in the more humid regions. Keep your bin tightly covered so it restricts access for ants, flies, and other bugs. Tip over containers outdoors that hold stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in them.

Especially in summer, keep on top of the yard duties

When it comes to your summer cleaning, don’t forget about the yard! Warm weather often means grass and hedges grow out of control much faster than in the wintertime. Keep an extra eye on the yard; chances are, it’ll need a bit more TLC during these months. Mow regularly, trim those hedges and water that lawn if the sky’s been dry.

For your own comfort and safety, try to get the yard work done during the cooler hours of the day, keep an eye out for bug and bird nests and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap. Sun protection is vital when working in the yard.

Nothing feels better than a freshly mowed and manicured yard to display in the summertime. Not to mention the reduced fear of snakes roaming in the long grass! It’s the perfect time to get rid of green waste and tidy up. Again, though, keep yourself as cool and hydrated as possible to stay motivated and get the job done! Looking for more cleaning motivated? Check out our other Capital Hire articles such as ‘how you can make cleaning a game’ and ‘how to do a spring clean out’. To hire a skip bin, get in touch with Capital Hire and check out our range of skip bins!