How You Can Make Cleaning A Game!

It seems like there is always something that needs to be cleaned which can make cleaning feel like a constant chore. But it doesn’t have to! Want to know how you can make cleaning a game?

Cleaning can become a game by using items like blocks or dice to organize chores. Associate each piece or number with a certain chore and what is rolled/picked up is the chore that needs to be completed. Whoever has the most pieces can win a reward. Rewards systems are great for cleaning motivation.

Let’s take a better look at ways you can make cleaning a game for yourself and the whole family!

Jenga cleaning game: Have a chore written on the slabs

One way to make cleaning a game is to buy Jenga blocks and write different chores on each one. Then you can put them all in a basket and pull one out at a time. Or you can build the Jenga tower and get the family involved, pulling out one block each without knocking the tower. This can add some fun competition to the mix while keeping everyone on top of their cleaning duties! The goal is to pull out as many Jenga blocks from the tower and complete the chores without being the person to knock it down. But the trick is to not let anyone pull out another block until they finish the chore that they had just got. That way you make sure that you aren’t just sitting around and playing Jenga, but that the family is picking up after themselves!

Games to make cleaning more fun

The cleaning dice game

If you want to make cleaning a game between you and your housemate, partner, or family, you can play the cleaning dice game! You buy two six-sided dice and on a piece of paper write two lists of chores. Then go down the two lists assigning the numbers 1 to 6 next to the chores. Now it’s up to whoever is playing to roll the dice and see what numbers they get. The two dice mean they get one chore from each list to complete at once. This game of chance can make cleaning more fun as you try not to roll the numbers of the chores you don’t want to do. But you get a messy house cleaned at the same time!

Set points and rewards for the cleaning process

A good way to create a cleaning game involving kids is to set points and rewards for getting tasks done. For every chore that is completed, the person who did it gets a certain number of points. Once they earn enough points, they can be redeemed for a reward! The end goal of getting a reward keeps children motivated.

This idea can be extended across each week by creating a chore chart. This is where everyone has their name and own list of chores. Plus, boxes to tick once the chore has been completed. You could have a different version of this chart. You might just be happy for a chore to be done at some point during the week, so you need a box to just check it off. Or you might want certain chores to be done multiple times during the week. Then you could put the days of the week on the chart and have a checking system. If the chores weren’t done on a specific day, a cross is marked in the box. If they were done, a tick goes in the box. At the end of the week, a reward could be offered if the chores were done.

Clean the house in record time

You can try a cleaning race game to make cleaning more fun. When we have time limits to finish certain tasks, our adrenaline levels increase drastically. You can set a timer and try and clean different places of the house quicker than the last. Try and beat your cleaning times.

This is a good way to clean a cluttered house quickly and it can work well when trying to get your kids to clean too. Tell them you are all racing each other to get rooms cleaned and chores done and make sure you time them. They will get more excited about trying to win and before you know it, the house will be clean!

Add some music to the mix

Not as much of a game, but definitely a way to make cleaning the house more fun — turn on some music! Dance along to your favourite songs while cleaning the house. Listening to music makes time pass quicker and is just enough of a distraction to make cleaning less of a chore.

If you get the family involved, everyone can try their craziest, silliest dance moves while cleaning. Music puts people in a happier mood and you all can sing along while getting the house nice and tidy!

Pretend you're a performer as a game while cleaning

Pretend to make a cleaning commercial

One of the funnier ways you can make cleaning a game is to pretend you’re part of a cleaning commercial! This is a great way to have a few laughs while cleaning. Use your imagination and come up with different scenarios to act out while cleaning. You could be filming for a Marie Kondo video.

You could, if you’re brave enough, take it to the next level and actually time-lapse film your cleaning. There are lots of videos on YouTube that are meant to be cleaning motivators for others. These videos are just of people cleaning their houses, but it is encouraging for others to see that people can clean and even enjoy it. Maybe your cleaning commercial could be one of those videos!

Get a children’s cleaning kit

If you want to make cleaning into a game for your children, another great option is to get them their own cleaning kit. This will give them their own special set of tools that they can use to help with the chores. Kids like to pretend to be the people they look up to. They will be excited to have their own kit that is similar to what you use to clean. This will encourage them to learn how to use it while cleaning up!

As you can see, there are several different ways to make cleaning into a game. Because cleaning is a constant task in our lives, it’s important to switch it up every now and then. Start with one of our cleaning games and change when it starts to get boring again.

When you’re really struggling with all the cleaning that has to be done, consider doing a spring clean out! You can hire a skip bin and get rid of all that clutter that is driving you crazy! For more cleaning and waste advice, check out our Capital Hire blog.