Getting Rid Of Builders Waste – A Helpful Guide

Building projects can create a lot of rubble and waste including glass, bricks, timber, concrete, old furniture and more. Much of this builders waste has ended up in landfills over the years. But have you wondered if there are better ways to get rid of builders waste?

Builder’s waste can be disposed of by using different recycling techniques. Most of the materials from building works can be recycled and this is possible with proper waste management. Organise specific companies to help reuse the different waste materials and donate the leftovers to other projects.

So, what are the different methods to getting rid of your builder waste? Let us help you out with that!

How do I get rid of leftover building materials?

When you’re constructing a new building, demolishing, or simply carrying out some DIY repair; large waste often comes out. Though the construction or repair work may seem enjoyable, construction waste management can be stressful. But don’t worry! We have some sustainable ways to help with your building waste management.

Recycling builders waste

Recycling is one of the best ways to get rid of your builders waste. You can choose to reuse materials in different ways for your current construction or save them for another project. You can also donate the materials to another builder so that they will be used.

There are so many building materials that can be recycled, like concrete, steel, wood and glass. These are all key materials for most constructions so why wouldn’t we make the effort to recycle them? You can always get them taken away by recycling specialists that create new projects out of building waste. People have become very creative with their recycling ideas.

Try and save as much recyclable waste as possible and organize for it to be sent to different places to be reused. It is a much more sustainable building method to follow and easy to plan for.

Use skip bins for building waste disposal

Use skip bins to dispose of builders waste

Skip bins are another great option to get rid of builders waste. They come in many different shapes and sizes. For example, here at Capital Hire, you can hire a skip bin that is 4m3, 6m3, 8m3 or 10m3. This gives you a variety of choices for your builders waste depending on the size of the project. The best part of this is that the bin is delivered to your building site and taken away once it is full, without you needing to worry about the final delivery destination.

Most of your building waste can go in a skip bin, but it’s always a good idea to double-check what can be put a general skip bin. This way you can be sure to properly divide up your waste and see that everything is disposed of in the best way. There are certain items like asbestos that can’t go in a skip bin. This is when you would need to hire extra services alongside skips to take away these kinds of materials.

What can be done with building waste?

Your building waste can include bricks, concrete, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metals, masonry, plastic, paper, and cardboard. Most of this can be recycled or reused!

Brick– Brick waste can be crushed and reused as filling materials.

Concrete– Concrete can also be crushed at recycling companies and used to replace natural aggregate. Road construction also can use crushed concrete for bases and trenches.

Ferrous Metal– Metals are worth lots of money, and this type of construction waste can return money in your pocket by recycling other things multiple times.

Masonry– This can be crushed and used as masonry aggregate. It can also be used as aggregate to make traditional clay bricks.

Paper and Cardboard– One-third of construction waste is cardboard and paper. They are often reprocessed to new paper products.

Appliances and Fixtures– These are great to reuse and refit in your next project. They can be spruced up by appliance professionals, giving them a modern touch for a different building.

Is there a good way to dispose of building waste?

Good ways to dispose of builders waste

Waste management and recycling mindsets are the best way to tackle the disposal of building waste. In Australia, sustainable waste disposal is highly encouraged and regulated by state and territory governments with waste management planning. Finding ways to reuse and recycle building waste is the best disposal method encouraged by authorities. The landfill has become more of a last resort for waste management. But not all waste can be recycled and reused and need to be properly disposed of.

Make sure that recyclable waste isn’t all thrown together. It is better to sort out recyclable materials in their own spots so that they can be collected for disposal by the right companies. Organise where the materials are going to go, whether that be another building, your next project site or a recycling company.

Then tackle the waste that has to be disposed of. The best way to do this is to contact businesses that specialize in that material. They will help you separate harmful waste for proper disposal and make sure that it is dealt with in the best way.

Can building waste be recycled?

Most construction and building waste products can be recycled into other products or turned new. Bricks can be converted into aggregate concrete products for other construction projects or a base for road building. Treated timber can be resized and reused for other construction projects or made into other products, such as furniture, compost, mulch, etc. Metallic waste products like copper, steel, and brass, can also be recycled to make other valuable products. There are plenty of creative minds out there that come up with all different ways to upcycle and recycle old materials.

The reason lots of people don’t realise building waste can be recycled is that for so long things were just demolished and thrown away. Now there are plenty of companies around to help with proper waste disposal and recycling of building waste. It just takes a bit of planning and organisation to create a more sustainable building project with good waste disposal!

It’s good to introduce more sustainable thinking for all of your waste disposals in your life, not just building! Carelessness and excessive consumerism are just two aspects of our major garbage problem. We have an article explaining the relationship between consumerism and waste generation. We also know the best ways to recycle and reuse your yard waste! For more information and ideas about waste disposal, check out our Capital Hire blog. We have general and green waste skip bins for hire to help with all of your building and renovation needs.