How Do You Keep Your House Clean During Winter?

Winter often comes with a build-up of dirt, salt, and sometimes snow in your home, all of which can be hard to keep out. So, how do you keep your house clean in the winter?

During winter, keep your house clean by cleaning the radiator, fireplace, rubbish bin, oven, windows, curtains, carpet, fridges, and furniture. Complete a big house clean at the beginning of winter, the put rules in place to keep dirt outside. Leave shoes at the door and vacuum anything trekked in.

There is more to keeping your house clean in the winter than just keeping dirt outside. Read on to find out more!

How do you stop your house from getting dirty in winter?

Keeping dirt out of your house during winter isn’t an easy task. But there are practical steps you can take to limit the dirt.

One idea to stop dirt from getting inside during winter is to have two doormats. Place one outside the doors, and one inside. The outside mat allows people coming into the house to rub their shoes and remove as much dirt as possible before stepping inside. Then the second mat is backup to grab any excess dirt that falls as they move through the doorway.

You could also ask house members to remove their winter boots at a designated place before putting on indoor shoes. This way, you will limit the mud, dirt, and slush being dragged through the house.

Another way to prevent your house from getting dirty during winter is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. No matter how hard everybody in the house tries to maintain cleanliness during winter, dust finds its way into your house and onto your carpets. Professional carpet cleaners will help remove the dust, giving your house a warm appearance.

You should also have a mop on stand-by to wipe up water trails from umbrellas and shoes. This keeps your floorboards and tiles clean during winter.

Are there extra cleaning steps in winter?

There are extra cleaning steps during winter because there is more of a chance of dirt getting inside the house. More dust will also accumulate on various surfaces. The cold winter air draws moisture into the home too. This results in more dust around the whole house. So, what are the extra winter cleaning steps?

Clean the windows

During winter, it’s important to make an effort to clean your windows regularly. Dust settles on windows very quickly and can end up reducing the air quality indoors. This is especially the case in winter because the windows remain closed for longer periods of time.

Keep the windows clean by removing cobwebs, and cleaning the frame and glass with a wet cloth and glass cleaner. Then dry everywhere with a cloth.

Be sure to clean the indoor rubbish bins

During winter, you should wash and disinfect your indoor rubbish bins. This is a good step to take at the start of each season, just to clear the rubbish bin from lingering odours.

In winter, you spend a lot more time inside, so you want the house to smell as nice as possible. This is why you should wash and disinfect the bin in time for your winter hibernation. You reduce the risk of bad odours filling the house. This also prevents bacteria from spreading throughout the home. Bacteria can grow in heat and your house is going to be warmer inside during winter. This can incubate bacteria and lead to sicknesses. Lots of these bacteria will come from your rubbish. So, give your rubbish bins a good clean at the beginning of winter. Then try to keep them as clean as possible throughout winter.

De-clutter your house

What should you clean during winter?

During winter, the family will be spending many hours indoors, and you can use this time to declutter. Why not use this time to through away food that is probably expired? You could organize your closet or sort out mail and bills piled in your drawers.

Call your utility companies, bank, or insurance if they still send you letters and instruct them to send you electronic mails instead. You can involve professional cleaning services to help you declutter if you do not know where and how to begin.

Even in winter, you can still hire a skip bin. So, what better time to clean out your house than when you are hibernating inside as much as possible?

What should you clean in the winter?

Your checklist will help you arrange what to clean in the house during winter and the order to do so. Since dust is likely to accumulate on several surfaces, we’ve highlighted places that can easily be forgotten.

Clean the radiator

Lots of people have heating systems to keep the house warm. So, it’s essential to ensure the radiators are clean for efficient heat circulation. The dust accumulating on a radiator can lower its heating power by 30%. How do you clean your radiator? Use a vinegar-based cleaner and a damp cloth to clean and dry it off.

Clean the fireplace

A fireplace will be one of the most adored places in your house for the family during winter. However, you are not the only one interested in the warmth from the fireplace; some animals could hide in the chimney. A deep clean of the fireplace can help remove the dust and any hiding creatures.

Focus on the oven

Most families’ favourite winter food includes roasted and baked dishes, meaning your oven may be used more often. If you are using the oven often, you should be cleaning it regularly during winter. The more you use it, the dirtier the oven becomes. So, make the effort to clean it more often throughout winter.

Spray the interior surfaces of the oven with water. Then sprinkle a layer of baking powder on the greased surfaces. Let it sit for a few hours, then wipe it off with a wet cloth.

How do you clean in the winter?

Cleaning a home at any season can be a huge task, especially deep cleaning during winter. But, it is possible to succeed with a good cleaning plan! Have a checklist ready for when you begin cleaning to make sure you cover all areas. With a pen and notebook, sit down and write all the places in the house that need to be cleaned ready for winter.

Have a clean house during winter with cleaning rules

Your winter cleaning checklist could include:

  • Washing the bedding just before winter
  • The bedroom
  • Changing the furnace filters
  • Dusting and cleaning doors and knobs
  • Dusting and polishing the furniture
  • Vacuum and wash the vent
  • Lint-roll or vacuum the lampshades
  • Give the oven a good scrub
  • Clean the windows
  • Disinfect and clean the rubbish bin
  • Organize the closet and the library

The length of the checklist will vary depending on the size of your house and the places you need to clean.

You can use cleaning apps to keep track of the list if you prefer. They might also suggest other spots that you haven’t thought of. Some cleaning apps you could install include:

Spotless – cleaning app

The Spotless app helps keep your home clutter-free. Users can set several home areas (including bathroom, kitchen, or living room) with times for when each area needs cleaning. After completing each task, you can tick it off.

Tody – cleaning app

The Tody cleaning app turns cleaning tasks into an enjoyable game and notifies you about your clean tasks throughout the day. Every positive action allows you to claim credits.

Clean My House – cleaning app

The Clean My House cleaning app will help you organize the house and schedule errands. You will receive a reminder when you wake up of the day’s cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Checklist – cleaning app

The simple checklist from the Cleaning Checklist app allows you to divide rooms in your house to manage house chores fuss-free.

Our Home – cleaning app

If you are looking for a cleaning app that does more, Our Home is a good choice. It allows you to organize tasks and events and track shopping lists. With this app, you can manage your household life stress-free.

Get Some Outside Help!

If it all gets too much, hire a skip and call professionals like Local Workforce Hire to set you up with some helpers for the day! It will get the weight off your shoulders and help you relax for the rest of the season.

Keep your house clean in the winter by having clean rules

To keep your house clean during winter, you should also have house rules to reduce mess. This includes leaving dirt outside the house. Dirt finds its way into your house through shoes and clothes. If you wear dirty items inside, you spread dirt and grime throughout the whole house. This can affect the air quality and degrade the fibres in your carpet. It also takes your home from messy to the beginning stages of a dirty house.

During winter, try to vacuum your furniture regularly. You are likely to be spending more time on your couches and chairs during the cold and rainy seasons. When cleaning the furniture, remember to clean the underside of the cushions and pieces to remove dust bugs tacked on the dust covers. To reduce the mess during winter, try to avoid having snacks on the couches. It’s tempting to snuggle up in a warm blanket on a cosy couch with some little treats. But it is very easy to make a mess when doing so.

Try to wash clothes that you wear out as soon as you can during winter. When you get home, change into clean, comfy clothes, and chuck your outwear in the wash. You don’t have to put the washing on right then. But don’t hang around your house in the same winter clothes that you wear out.

Essential cleaning products for winter cleaning

What are the best winter cleaning products (and tips)?

There are so many cleaning products out there. So, now that we know what we need to clean during winter, what are the best cleaning products to grab?

  • Lint-free cloths are a great investment for window cleaning and multi-surface cleaning.
  • A collection of spray bottles with essential cleaning water help eliminate smells from the house.
  • Baking soda and vinegar are important to help remove grease from surfaces. Baking soda can be used for lots of different cleaning tasks.
  • Dry kitchen cloths can be used to wipe down recently washed surfaces.

Our top tips to keep your house clean during winter include adopting good daily cleaning practices. Make your bed each morning, put your dishes away, and clean up as soon as you notice a mess. You could also consider completing a deep clean once a month to keep your house clean and fresh. By developing cleaning habits, you can keep your house clean all year round!

Wondering how to keep your house clean during summer? Check out our Capital Hire blog for the top tips! Looking to do a big house clean-out? Check out our skip bins for hire! We can deliver skips to Canberra and  skips to Yass, and more!