How Do You Dispose Of An Old Carpet?

So, you’ve decided it’s time to rid your home of the worn, potentially outdated carpet. You’re ready to enjoy fresh new floors. But how do you dispose of an old carpet?

Hiring a skip bin or organising a recycling drop off are the best ways to dispose of old carpet. They will stop the carpet from being dumped in landfill somewhere bad for the environment. Local councils, carpet factories, and recycling networks may accept old carpets to repurpose, reuse, or upcycle.

Old carpet can’t just be thrown in the bin or put out in the street with the expectation of being taken away. Let’s talk more about the best ways to get rid of your old carpet.

How to throw away an old carpet

If you want to throw away an old carpet, the best option is to hire a skip bin to ensure the carpet is still properly disposed of. This is especially a great option if you’re doing a large remodelling process because you can fill the skip with all kinds of renovation waste. If you are just replacing the carpet in your house, it’s still a great excuse to give your home a good cleanout. Skip bins come in different sizes, but all will allow you to throw away old carpet alongside lots of other unwanted or old household items.

Can you recycle old carpet?

The best part of hiring a skip bin is that our only job is to fill it up! Just call up to organise the best skip for your needs. The skip bin is delivered and placed at an easy access point for your property. Then you get to have fun filling it up and not worrying about the waste once the skip has been taken away. It is important to understand what can be put in a skip bin. But for disposing of old carpet and other household waste, a general waste skip bin is your best option.

If you don’t have enough old carpet to warrant hiring a skip, what are your other options to throw old carpet away? You can always chuck it in the back of your car and drive it to a local recycling centre if they take carpet. You might find a local carpet shop that will offer to take your old carpet and use it for new carpets.

One of the worst things you could do is toss your old carpet on the nature strip. Even if it is next to your bins on rubbish day, local waste pickup isn’t likely going to take it.

How to recycle old carpet

Instead of throwing away old carpet, you should seek to recycle it. This doesn’t mean you have to do the recycling yourself. Get in touch with your local council and see if they offer a specific carpet recycling service. If they don’t, they are likely to have other resources that you can contact. Local charities and organisations take donations of household goods. They might have a need for carpet.

Animal shelters are often looking for materials like old carpet. They use this as bedding for the animals and in animal play areas. Animal shelters are a great option to contact to recycle old carpet.

You could contact a recycling centre and see if they will take the old carpet to be recycled. Or, as we mentioned, talk to a carpet factory, and see if they could reuse your old carpet for something else. All these options only require one phone call to each place. It won’t take up lots of your time, and some might offer to come and pick up the carpet, saving you a trip.

There are also many ways you could recycle old carpets yourself. Wool carpets are great for suppressing weeds and keeping them out of flower and soil beds. Even compost heaps can benefit from the nitrogen content. It also makes great pond lining if you fancy another DIY project!

Can you put carpet in general waste?

Only small sections of carpet can be put in a general waste bin to be taken away. But if you have rolls of old carpet to dispose of, hire a general waste skip bin. This will enable you to chuck out your old carpet, piled up in a skip, that will be taken away and properly disposed of.

Can old carpet go in general waste?

The only other real option would be to slice up the old carpet into lots of smaller pieces. Then securely tie these pieces up and either chuck what fits into your regular bin or drive the carpet to another disposal centre. This does create more work and is less convenient than just using a skip bin.

If you have too much carpet for a regular bin, but not enough waste for a skip, you should contact a recycling centre. They might bring a trailer and pick up the carpet, or you can load up the back of the car and take the carpet to them.

Can old carpet go in recycle bin?

Old carpet typically can’t be put in your recycling bin. You can double-check your local council recycling rules in case it is different in your area. But usually, carpet is not accepted through your regular recycling waste.

The only option would be to arrange a specific recycling collection with your council. They might offer another service that can come and collect the old carpet for recycling. But you shouldn’t just chuck the old carpet out and expect it to be picked up.

Can you burn old carpet?

You should never burn your old carpet as a method of disposing of it. There are countless synthetic materials in carpets that can become aggressively toxic if burned. The fume from the burning carpet has the potential to make you or someone else really sick.

How to get rid of old carpet

There are also laws about burning carpets in some regions. It is highly likely that burning carpet is actually prohibited in your area. Whether it’s glue, wool, or plastics, there are plenty of things that turn dangerous when carpet is burned. Not to mention the clean up that you will have to do afterwards.

For your health and safety, don’t burn old carpet – or any carpet, for that matter.

If you’re in the process of doing renovations or remodelling on your house, it’s hard to overstate the value of a skip. You’ll almost always have more waste than you think. A lack of planning can leave you with a big roll of old carpet sitting in your garage for weeks. So, either a skip bin or finding a way to recycle it is going to be your best choice. Talk to our team at Capital Hire today to organise a skip bin for hire. Check out our guide on what size skip you need in our Capital Hire blog. We also have a guide to upcycling and recycling!