How Do I Clean My New House Before Moving In?

Moving into a new home is very exciting, with the appeal of a new space, community, and potential lifestyle. But before actually moving all your belongings in, it’s a good idea to clean the new house.

Before moving into a new house, a good deep clean should be conducted. This involves scrubbing every surface, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and possibly steam cleaning. The house can be broken up into sections to clean and will make the move in feel even better with a completely new fresh environment.

Read on for a new home cleaning checklist and guide.

Moving in cleaning checklist

The very first thing you should do before moving into a new home is to give it a really good clean. Granted, the house should be cleaned prior to being sold and could look spotless when you arrive. But you will feel better knowing that you have cleaned it to your standard. It also gives you a chance to get to know the areas of the house and figure out where things will go. So, here is our guide to cleaning a house before moving in!

Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start cleaning a new house before moving in. If you get this done first, you can put in your refrigerator and food supplies before moving on to the rest of the house. This is also why it’s recommended to start with the fridge space. Pull the fridge away from the wall and dust and mop behind it. Then clean all the shelves and drawers in the fridge.

What to clean in a new home before moving in

Sponges dipped in baking soda solutions works well to clean refrigerators. You can also add some vanilla extract so you can have instant deodorization. Clean the inside and out of the fridge including the back and sides of it. You can remove its racks and drawers so you can clean it well. Then plug it in and stock it up with lots of good fresh food.

The next thing to clean would be the kitchen cabinets. Dust and wipe all the surfaces before putting your other kitchen appliances and supplies away. A soft cloth can be used to polish the cabinets.

After cabinets, you can clean the countertops of the kitchen in your new home. You can use disinfectant and multi-surface cleaning sprays and wipes. Another option is to combine water and vinegar to clean these surfaces. You should also clean the sink and dishwasher. Lemon and water combined can help remove stains in the kitchen sink. This way you are sure to have a nice clean kitchen for your first meal in a new home, and part of a dirty house.

Disinfecting the bathroom

When it comes to cleaning a bathroom before moving into a house, you will want to scrub the shower and toilet with bleach. You can put the bleach or specific cleaners on these areas and let them soak while you clean something else.

The fan in bathrooms collects lots of dust and is something people don’t think to clean unless they are doing a house deep clean. This dust collection is actually considered a fire hazard, which is why it’s important to clean it. Remove the plastic from around the fan and lights and wash it with water.

Clean any other dust and cobwebs in the bathroom, then go back to scrub the toilet, bath, and shower. Clean the sink, faucets and cabinets just like you did in the kitchen and mop the bathroom floor.

PRO TIP: Water stains on taps or faucets can be hard to remove. Fortunately, you can use the juice from a freshly squeezed lemon and then rub it all over the surface. The acid of the fruit is great to break down hard water stains on metal exteriors.

Cleaning walls and ceilings

It is good to clean the walls and ceilings in your new home before cleaning the floors. You can wash the walls with a splash of water and vinegar. Use microfiber mops to clear away dust and cobwebs in the ceiling and wall corners. These mops can make cleaning a ceiling really easy.

Be sure to clean light fixtures as well. This could be a simple dust, or actually pulling them down and soaking them. Also, clean the dust from ceilings fans. It collects along the sides and on top of the blades. You don’t want to turn the fan on for the first time only to cause handfuls of dust to fly around. Use a wipe or wet cloth to clean this.

When you’re cleaning the walls, you should also clean the windows. Wipe around the window frames and clean the windowsill. You should clean the window glass too. This might be something you can leave until a bit later on because it can be hard to see marks on windows in daylight.

Cleaning high traffic areas in a new home

Clean the floors after the walls

Once you have cleaned all the high areas and walls, you can move on to clean the floors of a new home. To clean the floors, you could use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners can remove really tough stains on floors and are great for getting rid of pet odours. They can be used on a variety of different floors. You can either clean do this yourself or hire a cleaner to complete the steam cleaning. Make sure you have the correct equipment though, otherwise you risk damaging the floors before even moving into a new house.

Vacuum and mop the whole house and scrub tiles for a sparkling finish.

PRO TIP: To clean your floors in between the tiles, you can combine water and bleach and then use an old toothbrush to wipe the grimy grouts.

Make the entranceway the final place to clean

Once you have cleaned every part of the house, except the entranceway, you can start to move all of your items in. The idea is to leave the entry and main foot traffic areas until last because you’re going to trek all over them when moving in.

When everything has been moved into your new home, you can vacuum, mop, or steam clean the entranceway. Remember to clean the walls, ceiling, and door first. Clean the light fixtures as well. Don’t forget to disinfect the most frequently touched areas, like doorknobs and light switches. After all of this, you will have a fantastically cleaned new home to move into and start fresh!

You can address the outside areas after moving in. You might decide to renovate the garden, creating a bit of garden waste. If so, hire a green waste skip bin!