How Do I Get Rid Of A Damp Smell In A Summer House?

During summer, you might notice a range of odours appearing caused by the rise in humidity levels. When this happens, how can you get rid of damp smells throughout summer?

To rid a house of a damp smell, the cause of the odour must be found first. Then treating the area releasing the odour by cleaning will help remove the smell. Investing in a dehumidifier is a great option to keep the house smelling fresh throughout summer. Use fresh scents for a cooling atmosphere.

Let’s talk all about summer smells and keeping your home smelling fresh!

How to fix a damp / musty smell in your house in summer

The first steps to getting rid of damp smells during summer are to increase ventilation and natural light in your house. Both of these aspects help to kill germs and bacteria, as well as decrease any dampness around the house.

Below is a list to follow to get rid of musty smells and be on your way to an odour free house in summer:

Getting a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier helps dry out the house and stop bacteria from continuing to grow and spread in a humid environment. This is one of the best things you can buy for your house in the summertime to keep germs at bay. By dehumidifying your house, you can easily decrease smells caused by hot air.

Treat your carpet with baking soda

Finding and fixing a damp smell in summer house

Baking soda is odourless which allows it to absorb odours, making it perfect for treating your house carpet during summer. It will absorb any dampness caused by humidity or pets running around the house while working as a deodorizer.

Get an air purifier

It’s a good idea to invest in an air purifier for your house during summer. An air purifier can help to reduce odours by killing fungi and bacteria in the air. You can pair this with a dehumidifier. But be sure to open up your windows and air out the house for some fresh air as well.

Air out your house

It’s important to keep fresh airflow through your home during summer to decrease odours. Your house can become muggy and increase in unpleasant summer smells if you keep it closed all the time. During the early evening, start to open the house to let fresh cooler air through. This is also a great time to clean your house in summer. This way you can mix fresh air and clean smells from detergents for a pleasant aroma throughout the house.

Sweep, vacuum, and mop

When you do find a damp smell in the house during summer, it’s important to clean your floors. You should vacuum the carpet and rugs regularly. Mop hardwood and tiles. Clean your curtains and furniture. Make sure you clean and change the vacuum filter to stop any odours coming from there.

Use vinegar or lemon peels

If you simmer vinegar or some lemon peels in water on your stove for about 15 minutes or more, it can help to neutralize the surrounding air. This is a good quick fix to unpleasant odours in the air but shouldn’t be your only solution. It’s important to find the cause of the odours and properly clean the areas causing them.

Finding out the cause of the musty smell can often be a challenge. Musty smells are the results of mould or mildew. Tracking the source of musty smells tends to be straightforward sometimes and not so easy at other times, but whatever the cause is, it’s important to note that lack of proper ventilation is one of the contributing factors.

Some things to note when searching for the musty smell

In the hotter months, a greater number of odours and/or molecules are mobile and tend to become volatile in the air. This increases the intensity of the smells. Garbage bins start to smell more, our own body odour becomes more apparent. Odours can also be absorbed and released by fabrics and wood with high humidity levels. So, here are things to do when searching for the cause of a damp smell in a summer house:

1. Look under your sinks for water build-up

2. Check for signs of water damage

3. Clean your garbage disposal and dishwasher filter

4. If there are pets, be sure to check their beds.

Sometimes there is a major cause of unpleasant odours, like a carpet ruined by dampness. If this is the case, you should consider tearing out the old carpet and getting a new one. You will need to properly dispose of the carpet, which can be done by hiring a general waste skip bin.

Getting rid of bad summer smells on your clothes

1. Remove the mustiness on your clothes, by washing it again.

2. Clean your washing machine

3. Air dry your clothes, so they are left smelling fresh.

The tricky part with summertime odours is that the humidity makes the smells seem to stick to everything, including our clothes. To get rid of damp and unpleasant smells from your clothes in summer, you might have to wash your clothes twice. Also, make sure you clean your washing machine to be sure that it is not contributing to the smell.

Getting rid of bad summer smells on your clothes

The best thing you can do to make your clothes smell better is to let them dry outside in the sunshine. The fresh air and sunlight will kill off anything that is causing the odour, leaving your clothes nice and clean for their next wear.

Tips that can help prevent the damp smell from coming back

Our top tips to stop a damp or unpleasant odour from returning in the summertime include maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. Cleaning reduces the chances of bacteria and fungi building up and causing bad smells. Also, keep good airflow through your house during summer.

Aromas for summer to keep the house smelling fresh

The smell of your house is the first thing anyone tends to notice when they come to see you. Using essential oils scents in the house can easily make us feel good about how the house functions and how we feel about where we live.

In the summer, floral, citrus or herbal scented essential oils are a good choice for your house. These scents are lightweight, fresh, and are activating. They tend to cut through heat and humidity to cool and refresh.

Some essential oil suggestions for the summer


Some herbal essential oils include rosemary, lavender, roman chamomile, sweet fennel, to name a few. Herbal oils are clean, tonic and have revitalizing scents, which is what we tend to smell in a summer garden.


Citrus is the common go-to oil in the summer. They tend to always set the scene right and draw you into a sweet-smelling story. The citrus oils have an uplifting effect, which suggests the warm ray of the summer sunshine. The citrus oils include sweet orange, tangerine or mandarin, they blend nicely with floral, herbal or the woody type of aromas.


The sweet smell of the floral oils can make you envision the after twilight, especially when entertaining outdoors during the warmer months. This mirrors the flowers in their natural state and is at their most intense naturally.

Summer is a great time to conduct a big house clean out or a deep clean. Check out our cleaning advice on our Capital Hire blog. To hire a skip bin, get in touch with our Capital Hire team!