Cleaning your cluttered house: the quickest methods and top tips

Cleaning can become very overwhelming when your house is full of clutter. Even more so when someone calls half an hour before they will be at your house, and you have so much to clean. So, what is the key to cleaning your cluttered house quickly?

To clean your cluttered house quickly, you should tackle one task at a time. Do this one task throughout the whole house, then start again with another. This is a cleaning prioritizing method called batch cleaning that helps you clean clutter quickly. It stops you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter.

Below we are going to explore the best cleaning habits that you should have to clean your house in the quickest way possible!

Batch cleaning is the fastest way to clean your house

First of all, batch cleaning is the best method to approach cleaning your house with. This is a system recommended by cleaning professionals. So, what does it involve?

Instead of cleaning a whole room at once, you focus on each task individually. For instance, vacuum your whole house at once instead of cleaning the living room entirely, then moving to the bedroom. This way, you don’t feel like you’re doing the same tasks over and over and you can just do each task once. It’s easier to continuing vacuuming from one end of the house to the other. Then you’re not stopping to clean an entire room and feeling like you have to start all over again for the next.

Batch cleaning also stops you from lugging cleaning supplies everywhere you go. Overall, it makes the cleaning experience feel less overwhelming and you will find it reduces the cleaning time.

To clean quickly, deal with clutter first

dealing with clutter quickly

Alongside the batch cleaning method, the quickest way to clean a cluttered house is to attack the clutter first. To properly clean your house, you need to get all the clutter out of the way. So, to get things clean in the fastest way possible, you are better off getting clutter picked up and put away first. When you start cleaning, go around the house and put away the clutter properly. Clear the tables and other furniture. The key is to put the clutter away properly. Then you don’t have to try and clean it again later when you find it is in the way of another task or item.

If you start with cleaning clutter first, you will find a quicker sense of relief. This is because a lot of the mess in our houses is just clutter that has been left out.

If the clutter in your house is becoming too much, maybe it is time for a cleanout. Cleaning clutter doesn’t just mean putting things away. You can donate items that you don’t need anymore to make more room for the things you do need. Also, check out ‘Buy Nothing’ groups on Facebook, or you can hire a skip bin for a good cleanout. You can hire a general waste skip bin for most of your house clutter, or you can hire a green waste skip bin to clean up the yard!

Have a cleaning system for fast cleaning

The batch method of cleaning should be the foundation idea for your clean, but you need to have your own system. This is where you create the most effective method of cleaning your house and apply the actions to the batch system. For example, you might like to dust your house. You should do this task first, going to all rooms and dusting where needed before you move on to vacuuming the house. This system not only ensures your house will be cleaner because the vacuum picks up dropped dust, but it’s an order that suits you.

To make cleaning clutter a faster job for yourself, you should also develop a cleaning schedule that fits in with your life. This includes taking into account your family, work and extra-curricular activities. It will help you assign cleaning jobs to different members of your family. The trick is to get your family to clean up after themselves. Then you need to stick to the system. This ensures that everyone understands and has their own responsibilities to keep certain parts of the house clean. If they complete these tasks throughout the week, you will have less to do when you need to quickly clean your house clutter.

Develop a Weekly Calendar for your cleaning schedule

To go along with your cleaning system, it’s good to have a weekly calendar where you can track when cleaning tasks should be done. Let’s say you’re choosing to stick with the batch cleaning method. Try setting a schedule that has vacuuming done one day, dusting done another, laundry done two days, and de-cluttering on a certain day. Little things like this will save a lot of time if routinely completed. Also, setting a calendar will make it so you’re only cleaning for 20-30 minutes a day. This is much better than having to pack hours and hours of cleaning into your weekend schedule. 

Cleaning from top to bottom is better

When you’re figuring out your cleaning system, make sure you prioritize cleaning from top to bottom. This will make sure that your cluttered house becomes as clean as possible. The biggest mistake made in cleaning is failing to clean from top to bottom. People will vacuum, then wipe down their coffee table, which sends dust and grime floating down on the freshly vacuumed floor. Instead, start up high and work your way down. Dust the shelves and blinds, then wipe down surfaces, then focus on your floors.

Have multiple things cleaning at once

Clean two things at a time

Whilst the batch cleaning system focuses on one task at a time, you can have others going on in the background. When you are cleaning, there are many opportunities to multi-task that will get the cleaning done faster.

Let’s say a part of the clutter in your house was dirty laundry that was in the way. You can clear this clutter, put a load of washing on whilst you vacuum the house. This tackles two parts of cleaning at once, without becoming overwhelming.

It’s good to figure out what tasks can be done at the same time because you can then apply them to your cleaning schedule. This will stop your house from becoming too cluttered and give you more time for other activities when you’re free.

Clean as you go to reduce cleaning time

A great method that decreases cleaning time at the end of the week, is to clean as you go. This is a habit to get the whole family into. When something is pulled out during the week, get it put back away after it has been used. When you notice some clutter, clean it up then and there. If something is spilt, wipe it up immediately. All of these little tasks often only take a few minutes. But if they are left to pile up then cleaning at the end of the week will take a lot longer.

Cleaning as you go also stops your house from being considered a dirty house.

Make a game of cleaning to pass time

The more fun you have with it, the faster your cleaning will go. Crank up the music, set a timer, and have a game with yourself or your family to see who can complete their tasks the fastest. This is a great way to get your kids to help out as well! You’ll find that time passes quicker, and you clean faster if you have music going. The music is enough of a distraction to entertain yourself whilst cleaning. You will also be more productive because you are less likely to get distracted by the television or other things.

Another fun activity for the family that can reduce clutter is upcycling. We have an article exploring upcycling advantages and disadvantages! We also have the tips and tricks for camping with kids! For more information about waste and house cleaning, check out Capital Hire’s resources and clean advice blogs.