Can You Throw Away Toys?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try to limit a collection, the number of toys in your household can continue to grow. When it comes time to decluttering toys, sometimes it can be hard to tell what to do with them. Can you throw away toys?

Toys can be thrown away, but this isn’t the best way to rid a household of toys. The best methods to reduce toy collections are to recycle or donate them. If the toys are beyond repair and donation, then a skip bin can be the best method to throw away toys. But recycling should be the first thought.

Once you get the hang of it, disposing of toys in a good manner isn’t difficult!

Is it bad to throw away toys?

Simply throwing away toys can be considered bad, especially if there was potential for the toys to be upcycled or donated. The most recommended things to do with old toys are to donate them to opportunity shops or pass them on to other families.

Many toys are made from materials that will prevent them from being recycled if you just throw them away. This increases our land pollution as the toys sit collecting dirt and not breaking down. Plastic from thrown-out toys seeps into our ecosystems, polluting waterways and more. There are also aspects of toys that are toxic to the environment. Some toys that are thrown away can end up being incinerated which releases toxic fumes from the plastic into the air, increasing air pollution. Any plastic toys that might break down often end up turning into toxic petrochemicals, again increasing pollution and toxicity. So, it is bad to simply throw away toys.

Instead, you can learn to look for more sustainable ways to use or dispose of old toys. These include donating the toys or figuring out ways to upcycle and recycle them. This can create fun art projects for you to do with your children. You can also find a local recycling centre to take old toys and recycle them if you just want them gone.

How do you throw away kids’ toys?

How do you throw away kids toys?

The best way to throw away kids’ toys is to send them to a recycling centre, rather than chucking them in the bin. It’s estimated that 80% of toys end up in rubbish piles somewhere, polluting our environment. This is because people just throw away kids’ toys without a second thought. But there are ways to do so that reduce the impact your old toy rubbish will have on the environment.

If you do want to throw away kids’ toys, one option is to do so when you hire a skip bin for a big cleanout. This is the best option for toys that are completely destroyed and can’t be repaired. The toys can be tossed into a general waste skip and taken to an appropriate disposal centre. This is better than simply throwing away kids’ toys without any idea where they might end up.

The better option to a skip bin to throw away kids’ toys is to send them to a recycling centre. Old toys can be broken up into many pieces and recycled through a centre. Metal and electronic parts of toys are easy to recycle. Plastic and wood are a bit more complicated, but a recycling centre will do what it can to recycle thrown-out toys.

What can you do instead of throwing away old toys?

Instead of throwing away toys you can upcycle, recycle, or donate them. These are all much better methods to help look after the environment and reduce major garbage problems.

With the access that we have to technology, sustainably disposing of old toys has become much easier. Not only can you easily find donation centres and opportunity shops by searching them online, but you can also use marketplaces to give away toys. Facebook marketplace has become one of the biggest online spaces to help give away a range of items that you don’t need anymore, including old toys. Rather than throwing them away, you can give old toys a new home.

You can also donate old toys rather than throwing them away. There are many organisations that are always looking for donations such as blankets, clothes, and kids’ toys to give to people in need. For example, organisations such as DVConnect that provide shelter to those escaping domestic violence situations. Many kids would be grateful for the comfort of a new toy in such scary times.

How do you get rid of kids toys?

Instead of throwing away old toys, upcycling can be a great project to undertake with your kids! Upcycling a toy is the process of changing the toy from an old and unused belonging to something completely new and useful. You might take apart toys and use certain pieces to create art for your garden or plant containers. This is a great way to reuse wood and plastic toys. You can upcycle old toys and then sell them or give them away to others for free.

Should you donate toys instead of throwing them away?

You should always consider donating toys rather than throwing them away. As we’ve mentioned, there are many other options over just chucking toys in the rubbish to get rid of them. You don’t have to seek out specific organisations. There are still lots of opportunity shops around that will gladly receive donated toys. Or, as we’ve discussed, you can find specific organisations asking for toy donations.

There are many opportunities to donate old toys instead of throwing them away. Most places that ask for old toys aren’t far out of town, which makes it easy to donate toys.

When should you start throwing away kids’ toys?

You can start throwing away kids’ toys as soon as the toys feel too cluttered. The tricky part is making sure that you don’t throw away an emotional support toy for your child. Almost every child has at least one toy that they consider extra special. They form an attachment to this toy, just as they do to safety blankets. Throwing away a toy that they have this connection with can be very upsetting to a child and have negative impacts.

Should you donate old kids toys?

But the collection of children’s toys will quickly build, and this can make it easy to get rid of toys along the way. There is no specific age to start throwing away kids’ toys. Starting at a young age can be a great way to teach children about donating and learning to let things go. You can also teach children about how they don’t need lots of items to be happy. If your child gets a new toy, you can use this as an opportunity to give away an older toy. Explain to your child that they can have a new toy to replace an old toy that they choose to give away. This is a great way to help your child’s growth and development.

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