How construction waste can be reduced

How Can Construction Waste Be Reduced?

In 2017, the waste produced by construction and demolition in Australia amounted to 20.4 million tonnes. More than 6.7 million tonnes of this waste went to landfills. The rest was…

How to tell what size skip bin you need

What Size Skip Bin Do I Need?

Skips are a vital part of waste removal and construction that almost every renovation or rebuilding project will need. Whether you’re clearing out your old shed or re-doing your bathroom,…

What can be put in a general waste skip bin?

What Can I Put In A General Skip Bin?

Skip Bins are a cost-effective and convenient way to get rid of excess household rubbish. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the middle of a home renovation project, a spring clean or landscaping the garden.
How you can reduce renovation waste

How Can We Reduce Renovation Waste?

People often assume that renovating a property reduces waste by repurposing and revamping a pre-made structure. This is compared to building from scratch. But renovation can actually create a lot…

What is sustainable renovation?

How Do You Renovate Sustainably?

A sustainable renovation can make your home look pretty while reducing your carbon footprint. But how do you actually renovate sustainably? To renovate sustainably, deconstruction and repurposing items and buildings…

What are the consequences of buying unnecessary things?

The Consequences Of Buying Unnecessary Things

We’re all guilty of buying unnecessary things from time to time. But, we often don’t stop to think about the negative consequences of our shopping habits. Although buying stuff gives…

Why is a spring clean good for me?

Why And How You Should Do A Spring Clean Out

By the time spring rolls around, Australian households are full to the brim with knick-knacks, accumulated clutter, and evidently indoor plants. Australians have purchased more indoor plants than ever over…

Should you clean everything before an appraisal?

Does A Dirty House Affect An Appraisal?

Getting an appraisal is a vital part in the process of selling your home. This lets mortgage lenders know how much the home buyer needs to borrow. In turn, getting…

How to motivate yourself to complete boring tasks like cleaning

How Do You Make Cleaning Less Boring?

Cleaning can become a boring part of our weekly routines, taking hours of hard work and sweat. But the end results of tidying are worth it to feel refreshed. It’s…

Do people actually mind if they visit a friend who has a messy house?

Is It Normal To Have A Messy House?

A messy house is really just a house that is a bit too cluttered, which might be as simple as a collection of washing that’s been left out. You might…